The FOOD-to-GO trade show attracted more than 100 companies with portfolios that featured food processing equipment and various food and beverage products. It served as an excellent opportunity to find out what’s new and exciting in the industry, meet current customers and attract a new audience. FOOD-to-GO, however, is not exclusively about presenting the producers and distributors of gastronomy equipment; it also boasts a rich agenda of accompanying events and meetings with experts.

The second day of the trade show coincided with International Pizza Day. To celebrate this occasion, Tomasz Fierke, famous for his video blog “Chef from Kashubia”, prepared a special Kashubian pizza for visitors to FOOD-to-GO. The taste of goose and Kashubian white cottage cheese truly inflamed their imagination. The dish may be an excellent item to include on an expanded restaurant menu! The zone of Presentation and Workshops also hosted a meeting with Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak from Atelier Smaku, who cooked a traditional Kashubian fruit soup.

A MasterChef finalist, Klaudia Budny, guided visitors through the world of sweet inspiration and argued that the sweet and the salty do not have to be enemies; to prove it, she prepared an exquisite panna cotta of salty caramel and vanilla, served with an orange liqueur mousse, meringues with a spicy orange powder, and an orange fillet. Marta Truskolawska-Plichcińska, a Master Confectioner, won the hearts of the audience not only thanks to her great interaction skills, but also because of her cake with Kashubian motifs, unanimously applauded as a true work of art. Marta paid a lot of attention to detail and enchanted the audience with her inventiveness. Dawid Makurat, a Pomeranian Master Confectioner, also joined in with his sweet pralines and gave a step-by-step presentation of how to prepare them.

As usual, the members of Zgorzałe Women’s Association radiated positive energy and their show electrified the audience. The presentation was conducted in Kashubian and guests had the chance to taste sweet wafers with a natural berry jam spread.

A good portion of solid knowledge was also imparted. The Polish Coeliac Society, for instance, talked about the conditions that a restaurant must meet before it can introduce gluten-free items to the menu. Several exhibitors also shared their knowledge and experience. Sempre Group Sp. z o.o.  talked about artisanal ice-cream; the presentation tickled the fancy, and the palate, of the audience, who soon flocked to the company’s stand.

The two inspiring days ended went by in an instant. The next edition is coming up next year. Don’t forget to join us!