Industrial Services Zone

How to achieve success in running a business? One of the key factors is the stable development and continuous increase of the client portfolio. This in turn lead directly into higher revenues and profit. How to multiply it and build effective long-term business relationships? First of all, you need to win new contracts and orders. This task will facilitate the novelty at the INNOFORM® the Industrial Services Zone. Subcontracting companies that provide services in the field of mold production, material processing, tool regeneration or machine overhauls will take part in it.

News, innovations, pioneering technologies

Innovative technologies, modern products and a real chance for fruitful business cooperation are undoubted advantages of the INNOFORM®  Trade Fair. For visitors, among others: KenTIP FS drills, ensuring significant cost savings and simplifying processes in the workshop; double-sided WNHX04 inserts with six cutting edges, ensuring very low roughness of the walls and face of workpieces and shortening the cutting time; Orca measuring system for determining the non-contact volume flow and temperature of liquid media using a dual ultrasonic sensor; sensors for measuring the mechanical stress of injection molding columns; multi-station robots, cooperating UNIVERSAL ROBOTS that can work without a safety cage; multifunctional ARM milling cutters for high-performance machining of molds and dies and many others. INNOFORM® is not just a presentation of products or services. These are also machines that you can watch while working. FANUC will present heavy-duty C45 steel machining processes on the D21LiB5 machine, 3-axis electrolytic copper electrode treatment, and 5-axis milling of a computer fan mold. These processes use the innovative Nano Smoothing function in the three- and five-axis version, which guarantees excellent quality of the surface being processed.

Transfer of knowledge, technology and ... employees!

INNOFORM® Trade Fair has also a perfectly composed accompanying programme, that is specialized conferences, during which experts will present the latest solutions in the field of mold production. It will also be an opportunity to exchange experiences and get acquainted with modern technologies. Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster - co-organizer of the event - on the first day of the fair (12th March) invites to the conference entitled "Automation in plastic processing and tooling industry in the era of Industry 4.0". On the second day of the fair (13th March) invites to the conference “Additive manufacturing in plastics processing and tooling industry”. Once again, entrepreneurs will be able to take part in the Brokerage Event, which enables establishing direct business contacts as well as getting acquainted with the latest trends in the industry. It is also worth emphasizing that trade fairs are a great opportunity to establish relationships between employers and potential employees, and vice versa. It is here that industry leaders and experienced specialists meet in the same place, as well as people focused on professional development. Therefore, the INNOFORM® Trade Fair will be accompanied by the Career Zone - for all those seeking and offering work.

Innovations in real shapes, know-how of industry leaders, a group of specialist Visitors and tailored to their needs offer of Exhibitors - 3rd edition of the International Cooperative Trade Fair of  Tools and Processing Industry INNOFORM® is coming!.  The organizers encourage you to register online and collect a free ticket entitling you to visit the INNOFORM® Trade Fair (only until 8th March!) and participate in a rich accompanying programme.

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