The Jan Dlugosz Contest is an independent event organized annually in Krakow by Targi w Krakowie Ltd. The involvement of the academic community and the competition's association with the International Book Fair in Krakow guarantees tremendous interest on the part of both booksellers and publishers. The event is now an essential component of Krakow's calendar of annual cultural events. Media interest - particularly on the part of trade publications and national dailies - works to promote this cultural event that combines with commercial activity in an unconventional manner.

This Krakow-based initiative contributes to promoting serious and important books, publications that are valued within the academic community, with winners receiving a statuette designed by Professor Chromy. The Jan Dlugosz Contest is a tremendous opportunity for works from the broadly understood humanistic fields written by Polish authors and published in our country. The current edition of the competition was for books published in 2016.

Jan Dlugosz Contest - the winner